Farrah Ashline Revealed

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Farrah Plays the "Shrink"

Ms. Ashline's male personality, "Raoul"

Farrah has reported for over a year that she wants to launch a website called Break Up Buddies (domain under construction). Now it seems as if she is forming a support group in her home!! Are you kidding? She is role playing psychologist again, when she should be seeking inpatient treatment. I have heard that her alterior motive it to screen for potential massage clients and to swindle money out of lonely, old, brokenhearted souls. SHAME ON YOU FARRAH!!

Craiglist Ad by Farrah herself:
"I have formed a Breakup Support group for both MEN and WOMEN of all ages to come together 3 nights a week in my MD home for coffee, tea and refreshments as a way of venting and receiving helpful advice and support. This group will always remain FREE and open to ANYONE during any stage of the Breakup(or divorce) process. I am conducting research for a future Center opening that will help people deal with heartache and pain. Ideally, the group will not center ONLY around the upsetness of the breakup, but also focus on methods to which they can be priactive in their recovery process. For more details about meeting times and location, please begin by emailing a brief intro regarding yourself, including a contact phone #, age, and what you may be going through at this time. This group is open to all races, ages, and religious denominations. Namaste, Peace & Love. "

Monday, June 06, 2005

Camping Nightmare

I met Farrah on Craig's List, where she placed an ad for a Baltimore area dinner group. Let me announce to the world that I have never met a more twisted individual. She appealed to me through our mutual love of writing and poetry. She seemed like the perfect friend, and inspired my belief to be an empowered woman, oh but what I did not know! We went on a hiking/ camping outing together with a openly gay male friend of mine one weekend. The day was beautiful and nice conversations were had. By the end of the evening, the theme had changed. She stripped down naked, which made both my friend and I feel very uncomfortable, and began to talk in a very sexualized manner. I was like, "What?!" Then this crazy lady announced that she wanted to perform sexual actions on my friend and that what she could do would "make him turn heterosexual." First of all, this woman's gall is unbelievable. Second, Farrah you are not all that in the looks/figure department to turn ANY man- gay or straight-onto you. Third, isn't there a diagnosis for this, nymphomania or something like that? Thanks to Ms. Ashline I will never go to Craig's List again!!
-Andrea P.