Farrah Ashline Revealed

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Testamonial 5: Mind Games

"I had almost no money taken from me (only $40) but the messed-up mind games Farrah played on me made it all seem like much more. At one moment, she seemed nice and sweet and then she would do a 180 to scream at me on the phone. She lied and accused me of things and then misremembered actual facts. And wouldn't even pay that $40! (Honestly, Farrah...that's like a lunch for two.)

Farrah may be a shining example of why the US legal system exists, but she is certainly not a shining example of the human race. That being said, I would be happy to help anyone with their lawsuits. Not as a plaintiff, but as a free assistant. Anything I can do...just email me. I'm serious. I'm not a lawyer, but I can type, phone, fax, copy, research, and otherwise use my time."


Monday, March 28, 2005

Testamonial 4: Plagarism

"Farrah owes me $1380, but for me, it does not end there. She has plagiarized my work on the GGO website, so in theory, she owes a lot more than just money. Daily, I get increasingly angrier because more of her fraudulent acts are coming to light, and nothing is getting done. I am in the process of suing her, and at this point, it's a pyrrhic victory; I have lost so much, and the most I will get out of it is a pat on the back and a "good job!" for fighting the good fight. This woman has NO scruples whatsoever. None. It is not enough to have the entire world thinking that she's screwed everyone over; the wise thing to do would be to STOP. However, she is nothing but greedy and has succeeded in continuing to rip people off, from you, Phil, to the writers, and on down.
Farrah MUST pay, and I don't mean money. She must face the music, and frankly, I will not be happy until she does some prison time. You can return money, but returning one's dignity, lost time and trust is impossible.
Someone, please let us all know, what can be done??? Suing in Small Claims Court seems so futile."


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Testamonial 3: No Pay, No Way

"I am one of the writers whose article was published on the original WO on-line magazine. There were nothing but promises made by Farrah Ashline, and promises that's all there was. To this day I have not seen a contract, nor have I been paid for my work. I hereby declare that I retain All Rights to all of my work ever submitted to Farrah Ashline, published or not. Furthermore, I disassociate myself and my work from Farrah Ashline, her enterprises, and her fraudulent activities."

Monika Rice
WriterInfinite Life Expression

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Testamonial 2: A Disgrace to All Women

Quotes from Farrah Ashline:
"Just in case you've still not been suckered into believing every little ounce you read and see".

Well, late last year I was suckered into designing and creating the first edition of WOMagazine.com for Farrah, the invoice for which has remained unpaid since Nov 6th 2003.

"Needless to say, the commentary will not stop my purpose which is to forge forward in providing one of the most amazing web sites for women yet to come by April. There is a lot of real work to be done."

Yes, and none of that work done by Farrah, I suspect - but perhaps another talented designer who is a mug for her manipulative sob stories.

This woman is a disgrace to women.

-Phil ThompsonDirector: Cenobyte.biz

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Testamonial 1: Con Artist

"I like farrah. she was very beautiful on the outside. On the inside, she was very manipulative and a con-artist. She would always ask me to perform some kind of project for her and would promise me to pay me. At first, she was good about paying me, sometimes late, but at least she paid me. What I didn't like is that she treated me like a slave, adding more and more work, while offering no compensation. Everything changed when she asked me to borrow $400. I lent her the money on the condition that I was repaid in two weeks. As with everyone else, I called numerous times. Whenever she answered, it was not a good time. If she did talk to me, she was very rude, or would just hang up. Eventually, she threatened legal action against me for harrasment. Finally, after two months, she finally paid me. I could go on about a few mor jobs I did for her that she never paid me for, but I think you get the idea. Who would have thought that a person who ran their own nude massage parlor out of their house would not be good for the money. Once again, if you want more indepth details about our favorite friend, email me at efunk066@yahoo.com. I promise that all information given is nothing but the truth. "

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Potential Friends/ Business Associates Beware!

This site is aimed at bringing this woman's less than savory business practices and personal ethics into the spotlight.
Here is how she locates her potential victims:
http://www.craigslist.com (Baltimore, NY, and DC)

There will be various postings and testimonials from former friends and employees that detail her manipulations, severe mental health issues, and participation in illegal activities. The motive is not to defame this woman. She has by and large allready defamed herself. The goal of this site is to prevent and assist future good samaritans and potential friends from falling for her treachery and criminal acts. This site will be updated every few days, as there is much more information to include. Best Wishes, DCP

Former sites that feature the malicious acts of Farrah: